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I am Kim Gower and I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives under the Democratic ticket to represent Virginia's 7th District in 2018.

The first 25 years of my career I spent in the business world, most of the time as a consultant who was brought in to a wide variety of organization types and sizes when systems and processes were broken. I built a reputation as a person who listened and learned, and then made recommendations and offered strategic plans that increased revenue, reduced expenses, and improved stakeholder satisfaction.

We are in a place right now where a lot of systems are broken at the national level, and that becomes more critical as our national debt increases by $28,000 every second. We are in a place where instead of talking about what we need or want to do, we must talk about why and how we are going to do it. The hard truth is that if we do not get our financial house in order, we are going to lose programs that help our children, our seniors, and our veterans. We are going to lose programs that help make Americans more healthy, and we are going to lose tax revenue that comes from having healthy people who can work.

My mid-life crisis was returning to college to earn my Ph.D. in Management, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I still continue to run two small businesses in addition to my research and community engagement work, and teach a variety of undergraduate leadership classes including theory and application and social justice. I also teach MBA leadership courses in organizational behavior and social justice. My students are challenged to engage in critical thinking so that they, too, can back up their "what's" with how's and why's.

The depth and breadth of the experience I outlined above provides me with the skills and abilities necessary to go to Washington and be an integral part of a solution-based approach to fixing our programs and ensuring that our tax dollars are spent wisely, that more Americans have opportunities for training to find higher paying jobs, that we operate based on a sound fiscal policies and budgets and, most of all, that we take care of the Americans who deserve our support: children, veterans, seniors, and those who are medically in need of our help.

My Republican supporters call me a centrist, my Democratic supporters call me a progressive. In the end, I hope for spirited and respectful debate where we all come from a place of facts and passion, and that the 7th District becomes known for open dialogue and transparency, and becomes a district that leads the way in planning and implementing short term and long term sound financial and human rights' policies for our country.

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you!

Kim Gower



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